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Friday, December 7, 2012

{craving} sushi

Photo from Osaka's Facebook Page
Since the weather can’t make up its mind about the season, I am all mixed up with what I should be eating. In early December, I should be craving savory soups and hot comfort foods, but that is just not the case. I am completely craving sushi.

I should preface this by saying that I have very “American” tastes when it comes to my sushi consumption. I pretty much stick to fancy rolls and steer clear of anything too fishy. You read that right, I am craving raw fish that is not too fishy. At least I admit this.

There is absolutely nothing sexy about eating sushi, especially when you go for the specialty rolls. I always understood that you should eat your sushi in one bite, but that can be tricky when your roll has three different types of fish in it, is covered with two different kinds of spicy sauce, and has crispies on top. Sushi should really be listed as one of the foods never to have on a first date. I might have to go on wikepedia and make that note.

Here are a few of my go-to sushi spots in Richmond:

Osaka – I feel like Osaka is a new amazing discovery (even though they have been open longer than I have lived in Richmond.) I am on a mission to conquer all parts of their menu.
Their sushi roll that has stolen my heart is the River Roll. It has cucumber, crab stick, avocado, spicy sauce and crunchies on top.  It is freaking delicious. I think that the spicy sauce is spicy mayonnaise. I don’t feel that I need to elaborate further.

Moshi Moshi – What I love best at Moshi Moshi is actually not sushi at all. Their tempura avocado is something I dream about. The tempura batter is crispy while the avocado is practically melted inside, and once you go for a dip in their cilantro cream sauce you will wish you brought your bathing suit. (Bad joke, but I just can’t bring myself to delete it.)

I always order my Tempura Avocado with a Roll Platter for $12. It is basic, 1 California Roll, 1 Spicy Tuna Roll and 1 Salmon Roll, but you just can’t beat that deal and I am usually pretty full after eating an entire fried avocado.

Akida – I posted about Akida a long time ago. The space is tiny and they are really worried about your car being towed, but other than that they serve great sushi. And boy, do they have some crazy creations when it comes to specialty rolls, like the Dragon Phoenix Roll, tempura battered with spicy salmon inside and tempura battered spicy tuna on top or the Crystal Roll, spicy salmon and avocado tempura inside with white fish and 3 kinds of tobiko on top. I played it all too safe at this place with the Friendly Roll, avocado, cucumber, and crabmeat inside with salmon and spicy sauce on top.

Tell me. Where is your go to sushi spot?


  1. When I lived in Church Hill, Sumo San was my go to spot. I've been recently and it's still delicious. (Same owner as Moshi).
    My go to place now is Momo Tarro (spelling probably wrong) in C'town a few doors down from Mom's Siam. It is awesome. The sushi chef/owner, Justin, is a sweetheart and remembers his regulars well.

  2. My go-to for good sushi is Carytown Sushi and my absolute avoid at all costs is Sticky Rice (sorry, I'm just not that Richmond that I like tater tots with my sushi).

    1. I have never been to Carytown Sushi, Sumo San, or Momo Tarro! Clearly, there are plenty of good spots in Richmond that I need to try.