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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I, like many people found myself surrounded with friends, family and lots of holiday goodies this weekend. To say that I indulged in some junk food while visiting my family in Maryland would be an understatement. Sugar cookies, brownies, rum cake, meatballs, chips and dip, the list goes on.
I ate so well at Mom’s house that I completely forgot that I would be returning home on Christmas Day with absolutely no food in my refrigerator. Normally, when we have nothing to eat, we spin our restaurant wheel and head out to a new spot, but on Christmas Day, this was not an option. So we did what every American in a similar predicament of sugar withdrawal and dinner sized hunger. We headed to the Chinese restaurant.
We may not have been greeted by a trio of singing chefs or a platter of Peking duck, but our experience was just as memorable. We bellied up to the bar at Nanking (7408 W Broad St) and put in a takeout order. Rascal Flats and Clay Aiken Christmas music blasted over the speakers, while families happily made their way past us to be seated in the dining room. ESPN was showing on the big screens while the bartender gave another patron advice on which is the best Wal-Mart in town. We perused the menu which featured delights such as Hot Dogs, Chicken Fingers, Chicken Pad Thai and General Tso’s. It was absolutely perfect for desperate holiday dining.
I hope the holidays are treating you all wonderfully. Eat well. Be merry.

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