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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

edo's squid

Photo by Michael Lee
If this photo does not have you drooling on your screen at this very moment, you have no soul! This was taken by Michael Lee, a local Richmond photographer who takes food photographs that are so incredible that you can actually gain weight just from visiting his blog. I will say right here, it is completely worth the calories by proximity.

My first time eating at Edo’s Squid (411 N Harrison St) was this weekend. This place is a foodie haven similar to Mama Zu’s (of the same owner). Edo’s is loud and crowded and dark, in other words, totally perfect if you are deaf and blind and not really hungry. Just like Mama Zu’s, I guess that is just part of the charm.

Before I went, I put out a shout out on twitter to get some recs on what to order. @farmerrussel, @kristelpoole, @RVAyogi, @worthystyle, and @twojoliver all came through with some great suggestions, most leaning towards the seafood items. Dinner recommendations from reliable sources, just another reason why I love twitter so much.

For dining groups over 5 people, Edo’s makes you order family style which means you can order as many appetizers as you like, but only four entrees to share. I sat on the vegetarian side of the table as a completely strategic move. Since there were six of us I wanted to make sure that I got a scoop full of every single thing that hit that table. I know from experience that Veggies are good at passing on their portions of just about everything other than arugula. I like to be on the receiving end of that kind of pass.
Here is what we ate in order of favorite to not the favorite (this does not mean that the last thing on the list wasn't good, quite the contrary):

Mussels Marinara
Spaghetti with broccoli rabe, garlic, olive oil, ricotta, & parmesan
Penne with gorgonzola
Penne with sausage, ricotta and broccoli rabe
Arugula Salad
Spaghetti with broccoletti and shrimp
Crostini with beans and arugula
Fried Oysters

The pasta dishes were as good as any I had on my two trips to Italy, the wine was flowing, and our bill was surprisingly low, especially considering the amount of food we consumed. It is amazing how you will overlook waiting over 45 minutes passed your reservation time when they bring out pasta that tastes like a piece of heaven fell on your plate. That is if your heaven tastes like garlic Parmesan cheese, and olive oil, which mine definitely does.


  1. Edo Squid's was the very first restaurant I ever ate at in Richmond. I enjoyed it although it was very busy! We had spaghetti and would totally recommend it. I had no idea about the family style.

    1. Robin, if this was the first restaurant I ate at in Richmond, I would have moved here long ago!

  2. I can't believe I haven't been here. It's like I'm not even a real "richmonder" yet after 30 years haha.... I need to change that! :) And that pic, oh THAT pic, I want that on my plate now!!! So what that it's 8:47am, pasta can be breakfast too...? lol