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Sunday, January 22, 2012


Have you heard of this place? Evan made me go to Akida (814 North Robinson St.) and it is still a mystery to me.

It is off Broad Street right near the Bank of America. There are signs on every wall that say something to the effect of “Do not park in the Bank of America parking lot because those bitches will tow your car”. I might be paraphrasing.

There are only 5 tables in this place. It is small even by Richmond restaurant standards. The sushi is really really good. I had the Friendly Roll which is basically a California Roll with salmon and spicy sauce on top.

I am sure they have a loyal fan base of return customers, but why so small in such a weird and seedy location? And how do you make any money with such a small capacity? I may never have answers to these burning questions, but I will be back for their specialty rolls. Photo credit.

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