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Monday, January 23, 2012

RVA news beer dinner @ the roosevelt

Last night I attended my first beer dinner of 2012, the RVA News Beer Dinner at The Roosevelt (623 N. 25th St.) in Church Hill.

I bought two tickets for Evan for Christmas. Do you like how that worked out?

I had not been to The Roosevelt before, but have heard great things. The beer dinner did not disappoint. Here are the courses not in the order they were served, but in order of my most favorite to not my most favorite.

1. My most favorite dish of the evening was the sausage with champagne braised sauerkraut with pork cheek and potato puree. Surprising to myself, the sausage and sauerkraut were my favorite part of this dish. I would never have ordered this off the menu, proving once again, that I don’t have any idea what I like and should be more adventurous, always. The beer with this was Uerige Classic, a little bitter but paired really well.

2. My second most favorite dish of the night was the first course, roasted trout with smoked trout and an apple fennel, celery salad and herbed crème fraiche. I loved the trout! It was crispy and flakey and mmm mmm good. The beer was Ettaler Helles, nice and easy to drink.

3. My third favorite course was the third course, short rib with a braised cabbage puree and caraway spaetzle. I had just seen someone make spaetzle on Diners Drive-ins and Dives. I was glad that I knew what it was. The rib was delish, but I am not crazy about cabbage, so it was no surprise that it was my least favorite thing on the plate. The beer with this course was my favorite of the meal, Porticus Leipziger Doppel Porter. I am a sucker for a porter.

4. My fourth favorite course (which I guess you could call my least favorite since there were only four courses) was dessert. The gingerbread panna cotta with walnuts and red wine pear compote was just ok. The beer was a last minute sub, a Russian Imperial Stout, a little sour for my taste, but not a bad pairing with the tartness of the compote.

I can not wait to go back to The Roosevelt. They did a great job with this dinner and I am intrigued to experience their dinner and cocktail menu! Photo credit.

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