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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

impromptu carytown crawl – part I

When Evan said, “let’s make it a date night”, I struggled over what place to choose. I always like to suggest a couple of places and then let him think that he gets to make the final decision. Then when he does, I say something to the effect of “are you sure you wouldn’t rather go to fill in where I want to go here?” I don’t know why he puts up with me.

I picked Mezzanine (3433 W Cary St.). We sat at the bar and started with no joke cocktails, a Manhattan and a Virginia Fizz with pomegranate. Our spot at the bar was a little weird because there was a kitchen prep station literally right next to our spot. Not quite like an open kitchen, more like they ran out of room in the kitchen.

We ordered sweet potato gnocchi with kale and shrimp and crab ceviche. We watched the cook pull out a tub of ceviche and ice cream scoop it into the glass bowl. That was a little weird. I really like the gnocchi and was amazed at how much I enjoyed the kale.

Once I was sure Evan had a nice buzz going, I convinced him to go on a crawl!  To Xtras Café (3322 W. Cary St.) we would go! Just for a drink. Glass of Ponga for me and I.P.A. for Evan.

Down the steps and across the street to Amici Ristorante (3343 W. Cary St.)! I had never been here before and am now in love, mostly with the owner because he is a gem. Glass of Prosecco and another Manhattan.

The dinner special at Amici was a two pound bone in steak. It was a sight, on someone else’s’ table. I am not that crazy. We had a dish similar to beef Carpaccio, but they had a fancy Italian name for it. It tasted like Italy. By far my favorite thing of the evening (other than the beverages).

This is when it started getting weird…to be continued

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