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Thursday, January 26, 2012

impromptu carytown crawl – part II


My shoe broke. The tip of my heel came off and that is why I was walking funny. Not because I had 3 and a half adult beverages and only a few bites. But, I was a trooper and did not let it slow me down on our crawl stumble.

After our stop at Amici, we weren't sure where to go next. We got a recommendation from the server, but clearly she was not in tune with the type of crawl we were on. We had hit Mezzanine, Xtra's Cafe and Amici. We were trying to spend the most money for the smallest portion of food, duh!

She sent us to Weezie’s Kitchen (3123 West Cary St.). I am not trying to hate on Weezie’s but they totally threw off our game with a huge portion of delicious French fries and big glasses of cold Hardywood Singel.  I was doing pretty good pretending that I was eating healthy, but I know that fries and beer are not calorie conscious even when I am slurring my words. It was a downward spiral from here.

The final stop was Can Can Brasserie (3120 West Cary St.), mostly because it was really really cold and I was over the walking. I had to move the bar stool out of the way so that I could lean on the bar. Raspberry Bellini for me and Manhattan for my champion husband.

I learned something I never knew about Can Can. Every dessert on their menu has ice cream! I don’t get it. I was ready for something ewy gooey and melty, not frozen. That’s when I knew it was time to call a cab. I fell asleep in my clothes, but at least I made it to the bed. Evan slept in the computer chair with Mark Knopfler blaring in his face.

All in all a great night! 

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