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Friday, January 27, 2012


Did I mention that I am a super fan of the Stella’s (1012 Lafayette St.)?

Here are my eleven reasons why I love Stella’s (because anyone can have a top ten).

1. It is a mile from my house and I could ride my bike there if I wanted to, or I could drive and it is still only a mile.

2. Before they opened the owners invited us in the see the space and show us the menu, so already we were on team Stella.

3. You can never get a reservation…normally this might be a bad thing, but I think the exclusivity makes it even more desirable…plus you usually get lucky if you come early and score a seat at the communal table.

4. The communal table is awesome and promotes interesting conversation with strangers which could be good and could be awkward. I love risky dining.

5. Greek wine…I probably would never drink Greek wine if I didn’t go here.

6. The service staff is some of the best. I made eye contact with our waiter, Jeffrey (who is amazing) on our last visit and he said, “You are right it is hot in here, I am going to adjust the temperature”. They hire psychics!

7. Everyone can find something they like on this menu. Even our most picky out of town visitors have a great time at this place. 

8. It is beautiful! They did a fantastic job designing a unique and functional space.

9. I always see someone I know here…not like Cheers, but as small as this place is, I almost always run into a familiar face.

10.  Leftovers….you will definitely have leftovers!

11.  The food! Did I mention that everything is ridiculously good?! Spanikopita, Moussaka, No. 5 Pasta, Lamb Shank, Pan Seared Salmon, I could go on and on

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