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Monday, June 11, 2012

beer, bourbon & bbq

In order to make up the rest of the money I needed to go to the Off Broad Appetit dinner, I signed up to work a booth at the Beer, Bourbon & BBQ event at the Richmond Raceway. (That's a lot of links in one sentence, huh?)

This event was complete with a Beer Belly contest, where men with big huge bellies dance for applause, and the Daisy Dukes and Boots girls who could go on to be in a coveted calendar (that was handed out for free at the door) with enough votes. And let’s not forget Rosie Soul and the Rockand Roll Cowboys who sang covers of Lady Gaga and Rage Against the Machine, back to back.

Yes my friends, it was a classy event.

I convinced my friend to come with me which made it even more fun, because laughing at drunks with a friend is better than doing it alone.

I was actually kind of surprised that people weren’t messier by 6pm.  The deal was you pay $35 and get unlimited bourbon and beer tastings all day. They ran out of barbecue at about 3pm, so I was really expecting a show.

Maybe it is me. Maybe I don’t appeal to the bourbon demographic, but I got hit on by more drunks at the Virginia Wine Expo. Or maybe they were more interested in the Starr Hill I was pouring than with flirting, which is fine with me.

The day really flew by because it was a nonstop line from start to finish. I poured two kegs of Starr Hill in 4 ounce increments, one of the Monticello Reserve and one of the Starr Pils. I had my spiel down after the 200th time I said it and it only took me 4 hours to figure out how to fill my picture without too much foam. (Most of the pourers fought the foam all day!)

All joking aside, other than being on my feet and not being able to drink what I was pouring, it was fun. I think I would sign up again next year, and remember to bring my camera for some beer belly shots to share with all of you. I know you can’t wait for that.

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