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Sunday, June 10, 2012

metro grill

After my bi-weekly spray tan appointment, I kind of crashed the soft opening of the newly reopened Metro Grill (301 N Robinson St). Technically, I was invited by someone who was invited, but it felt like everyone else there knew each other. I have been in a similar situation, attending an event that clearly I should not have been invited to, but this time I was perfectly happy with my seat at the bar and no one seemed to mind. Or at least, no one called me out!

For day one of their soft opening, they were serving a sampling from their new menu, a selection of (not so) small plates, entrees and sides. The food we had was really good, especially considering they had been open for literally one hour.

We had the lamb lollipops and bruschetta from their small plates selections and the truffle macaroni and cheese side dish. I am pretty sure that the truffle mac is made with truffle oil, not actual truffles, but I don’t care, it was by far my favorite thing.

I would expect that the plan for this place is to be back on the map of bars like Buddy’s and Curbside, but they do have some exciting things on the menu that give me hope that they will take the food portion seriously. Dishes like the warm spinach salad with shrimp, bacon and shallots and Kobe beef burger are both reasons I would go back to try more.

And, if I was drunk on one of their barstools (which could very well happen in the not so distant future) more than one truffle mac will be ordered.

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