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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

{fundraiser *kind of*} off broad appetit

I would chop off my left stiletto to go to this dinner.

Ok, no I wouldn’t. But I have been seriously brainstorming how I can raise the funds to get two tickets before it is sold out. I thought about starting a kickstarter account because at the end of the day, the money does go to a charity. But the kickstarter payout would take too long and the dinner is this Saturday.
The celebrity chef line-up for the dinner at Pasture is something you would see on Bravo and the menu is sure to be Southern cuisine at its finest since the theme of the meal is locally produced food.
For starters, Chef Sean Brock of Husk in Charleston, South Carolina (James Beard winner for Best Chef Southeast) says, “If it doesn’t come from the South, it’s not coming through the door,” in reference to his cuisine at Husk.
I would be lying if I didn’t mention that two of my favorite TV Chef celebs, Chef Jen Carroll of Carroll Couture in Philadelphia and Chef Edward Lee of 610 Magnolia in Louisville, Kentucky weren’t a big reason why I want to go to this dinner. The food at 610 Magnolia is described as “a modern approach to the Southern Table”.
I had to google the other two chefs participating. My search has made me even more excited about them, as they both are involved in minor scandals in the eating world.
Chef Bryce Caron was recently named Best New Pastry Chef by Food & Wine and was then “let go” from his position at Blackbird according to this article.
Chef Ashley Christensen of Poole’s Downtown Diner in Raleigh was a competitor on Iron Chef America, challenging Bobby Flay (a guy I love to hate). The bloggers all agree that she was robbed of the win, which I absolutely love! #slayflay
Chef Jason Alley, the local wonder-chef of Comfort and Pasture, has really collected some great people to raise money for FeedMore with this dinner. And I feel that I must find a way to be there.
My coworker suggested I beg for money on facebook by asking for donations to my paypal account. Kind of as a joke and kind of totally seriously, I figured I would give it a shot. Every little bit helps!
I need $300 for two tickets and will promise you this, I will personally write an extremely thoughtful thank you letter to anyone who donates $1 or more, I will randomly pick one donator to win a $25 gift card and I will be your best friend forever!  
If the tickets sell out or I don’t raise enough to go, I will refund anyone who wants to help me, help feedmore (and stuff my face). Or if you would like, I will donate it directly to feedmore along with any extra money that I raise over my goal.
Full disclosure: I am by no means a starving student or struggling artist.
If I don’t go to the dinner I will be forced to watch my twitter feed that evening and try not to drool on my iphone.