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Thursday, June 20, 2013

off broad appetit

Consider this a week of catch up posts. I disappeared for a month. I am trying to make it up to you. I know that lost time can never be replaced. Leaving like that, with not a word, it was hurtful.

SERIOUSLY, this is the best photo on my iphone. What more do you want from me?!

I kid. I kid. (Not about the picture, this really is the best one. My phone camera roll is kind of sad.)

While I was away, I was still eating and drinking. Crazy, I know. I had my first bite of a land animal since January at Pasture. It was a big thing.

For the special event that is Off Broad Appetit, Chef Jason Alley, brought together some of his powerhouse Chef friends to cook a dinner made with locally sourced products, all for charity. It was great food and a great time. If ever I was going to “cheat” and eat meat, this was the place to do it.

I ate pork. It was traumatizing. It tasted good and I moved on.

I ate the above pictured fish dish, prepared by Chef Rob Newton of Seersucker in Brooklyn NY, and it was incredible! It is the reason that I decided to add fish back in to my diet (on occasion). I wish that I could remember what it was and how it was prepared, but I was so blown away with how amazing it tasted that I knew in my heart of hearts it would never be replicated, so why even bother trying to record it. This way, it can remain an enigma, a memory of delisciousness never to be repeated.

I also drank a lot of cocktails and a lot of wine. I was hanging with Richmond foodie elite and planned a cab ride home. Of course, I indulged! I will say that I did NOT run into the glass window, or have to be loaded in to a cab against my will. Ahem. I DID, have to climb through the front window of my house because I left my house key in my glovebox. Crazy stuff happens when pork is involved.


  1. Hahaha you are so cute! I'm glad I ran into you at Broad Appetit!

    1. Me too, Wish I could have stopped dishing to chat though!

  2. Hahaha oh how much do I love this post?!?! ;)