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Friday, June 21, 2013

ipanema cafe

You know those days when you wake up to a terrible email, followed by a depressing phone call and then another frustrating interaction? Those days when you need a glass of wine and a nap? Well, sometimes when you are opening a business and working a full time job and signing up for things to the point that your husband is starting to write question marks on your calendar, the option for wine and naps are kind of out of the question.

My solution to these kinds of days is a little thing I like to call, the Break Up Grilled Cheese. You can get it at Ipanema CafĂ© (917 W Grace). They list it on their menu under sandwiches as Smoked Gouda with caramelized onion, tomato and thyme, but really it should be in it's own menu section, titled "Things Not Going Your Way?"

It is a cure for the kind of day when your realtor emails and says she has bad news and follows up with a call to tell you that the space that you LOVE for your business was leased to another even though the building owner said he really liked your concept and thought it complimented the area. Trust me when I say, this kind of call feels just like a break-up.

But it happens. It wasn’t meant to be. The next space will be bigger, better, and cheaper. I know this. But in the mean time, stuffing my face with melted cheese and sweet onions on crusty bread while accompanied by great friends will do the trick to pull me out of my funk. Thank you, Break Up Grilled Cheese, hopefully next time we will meet on better days.

**I had wanted to post this weeks ago, but was still feeling bummed about losing out on our "perfect" space. Things are looking up in the location department for Boho Cycle Studio and it truly does seem like that place was not meant to be for a very good reason. Details coming soon...

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  1. OH man, you totally scared me! I thought you were saying that you lost another space. Glad you put in that side note!

  2. I know you're bummed and I'm so sorry. :( I was wondering where you had gone (blog wise) and I'm glad you're back. I know you will find a much more fabulous spot for your studio!

  3. One of my FAVORITES!!! I actually started making a version of this sandwich at home because it's so delicious and unfortunately I can't go there as much as I want to ;)

    Crossing my fingers for Boho!