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Monday, June 24, 2013

lamplighter roasting company

Photos by Patrick Hannan
When you are starting a business there are many times when a meeting over coffee is appropriate.

Want to talk about a loan? Let’s meet for coffee.

Want to talk about a lease? Meet at the coffee shop down the street from the space.

Want to talk about working with us? How about a coffee after your 6am cycle class?

People selling coffee have got to be making a killing in this town with all the entrepreneurial activities going on! 

Here is the thing. I am just not that into coffee. I am trying. I get it. People like caffeine. I like caffeine. I would even go so far as to say that I like coffee, but my excitement for a cup is just not on par with most business-doing folks in this town.
That is why I love Lamplighter Roasting Company (116 S Addison St). Yes, it is a coffee shop with very fancy coffee service, pour-overs, espressos, half and halfs, and all kinds of coffee things I am learning about. But the best part is they serve great non-coffee drinks, too!
My new jam is their ginger ale. It is basically seltzer water mixed with house made ginger syrup poured over lovely lemon slices and ice. Sounds simple, but it is oh so good. Way more enjoyable than a cup of coffee, if you ask me. And the ginger will perk you right up if you need a boost.
My friend Patrick went to Lamplighter just to photograph this ginger ale for me.
I am pretty sure he is hooked!


  1. I still have yet to go to the new Lamplighter location! And I really don't like ginger, but that looks delightful.

    1. Even if you don't like regular ginger ale, you might like this. It is more like ginger beer that a can of ginger ale. The new Lamplighter is small, but a very cute space. You should definitely check it out.

  2. That's the only drink I've gotten there! I liked it too.

  3. I love lamplighter! The almond milk lattes are SO good!