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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Photo from Stella's Facebook Page

It had been entirely too long since I had been to Stella’s (1012 Lafayette St). This gem of a restaurant is a place near and dear to my heart (and my house, thank goodness) and holds a solid spot in my top 5 favorite RVA restaurants.

Every single thing on their menu is good. So good, that when we were there on Friday, a girl fell off her bar stool. I mean, she really went down. It was loud and scary. I was worried for her safety because that marble bar top is no joke. I thought she might have hit her head, but luckily she was unharmed. It was obvious that she just could not handle so much deliciousness.

The only problem with the food being so good is that it is really difficult to decide what to order. We had planned to just share a plate of their famous hummus and have a drink, but that turned in to an order of Kolokithokeftedes (zucchini fritters) and an order of Spanikopita and hummus and drinks.  

Every bite was heaven. It was so good that I wrote a drunken note about it in my phone. It went like this, “the food at Stella’s is so good that I worry one day I might die from my brain exploding”. The message to myself did seem a bit odd when I read it back the next morning, but I completely stand by my statement.

If you have not had a fried bite of shredded zucchini at Stella’s, you haven’t lived! An order of Spanikopita must be ordered on every visit and if I was still eating animals I would be devouring the No. 5 Pasta.

I can only hope that I will have a long loyal love affair with this Greek treasure of a restaurant. You can read my original post about the Top 11 Reasons Why I Love Stella’s here. I stand by every single one of these statements.

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  1. I need to go there for dinner! I haven't been there since that blogger brunch forever ago!