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Friday, May 3, 2013

my unconventional week

Photos by Image Machine

I love living in Richmond, Virginia (which you could probably decipher from the title of my blog). 

This town has it all, plenty of places to eat, events every night of the week, interesting people doing cool things, and occasions that let you drink wine for various charities. What is not to love?

The best part is that with so much stuff going on, you never know what you are going to get in to. This week I have found myself in plenty of situations that could only go down in RVA.

1. I drank a glass of rose at a memorial for two baby goats who passed away….at The Blue Goat, a restaurant that serves goat on the menu. No we did not eat the goats who passed and yes the wine was good. Karen Atkinson, famous for her work coordinating GrowRVA, the South of the James and other farmer’s  markets, AND the newly launched FeedRVA was the owner of the goats. How she had time to bottle feed these babies, I will never understand. My personal guess is that she does not sleep. It was so nice to meet her and honor the babies at happy hour prices.

2. I donated money to the Kickstarter campaign for the Richmond Comedy Coalition’s new comedy theater. Who doesn’t like to laugh? These funny people are opening a theater downtown and I was happy to give them a couple bucks. It is awesome to see a group pick a part of town that needs a shot in the arm and just go for it. Plus, their video is really good and you should give them money.

3. I drank a glass of Cabernet at a fundraiser for Down Syndrome Association of Greater Richmond at The Wine Loft. I like to drink wine for good causes and what better cause then one close to home. Good friends and the brains behind Carpenter Health and Wellness have a little girl, Taylor, who has down syndrome. Taylor has a more active social life than I do. She will be making a trip New York to be photographed for a National catalog. We should all be jealous of her.

4. I put together a kick ass Pinterest board for the Need Supply Co. contest. I dabbled in pinning before this contest, but when Need Supply Co. said they were giving away $500, I went from dabbling to becoming a full time Pinterest mad woman. Sadly, I did not win the big prize, but still had a good time promoting a local retail. You can check out my board here.

5. I ate an ice cream cone ON THE RUNWAY before the RVA Fashion Week show in Carytown. One of my favorite people in Richmond, KC Johnson of Image Machine, let me hang with her team at the fashion show in Carytown last night. I got be the “model” for a test shot on the stage before the show started and just happened to be eating a sprinkle covered ice cream cone that I got for free from Mister Softee.

It just doesn’t stop! Tonight, I am going to RVA Fashion Week’s Designer Showcase with a press pass, no less. I am going to have to leave town on Saturday, just to get a little break!

How was your week?


  1. Yay, Richmond love <3 I want to be an interesting-person-doing-cool-things with you! ;) Also, I really want an ice cream, now. And sprinkles are a must.

    1. Valerie!! We must exchange numbers and make this happen!

  2. sounds like a super fun week to me! and that fashion show in the parking lot totally caught me off guard while driving by, guess i caught it at very beginning and models were just standing there perfectly still like statues!!

  3. That's a pretty flipping awesome week!!! You're rocking that cone ;)