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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

tio pablo

Photo from Tio Pablo Facebook

When I was in 10th grade I had a crush on this guy who worked at Taco Bell. He was in my chemistry class even though he was a grade ahead. He sat across the room and never said one word to anyone. For some reason I thought that was mysterious and cool.

I never spoke to him in school, but once my friends started getting their driver’s licenses, we would go to the Taco Bell which was a town away. I would be nervous in line giggling with my girlfriends who all knew I liked him. Finally, when I made it up to the counter, I would smile with my head tilted to one side, twirling my hair around my finger. My order was always the same, two Gorditas, hold the lettuce, just “meat” and cheese. I never actually got up the courage to say anything else to him.

Last week, we went back to Tio Pablo (1703 E Franklin St) for more of their fiery delicious tacos, but this time, I took a few minutes to look through the rest of their menu.  That is when I spied my high school favorite, the Gorditas. These should not even be compared to the Gorditas of my past, but the name still made me a little nostalgic. They came with any choice of taco filling. I opted for one with chipotle chicken and Oaxacan cheese and one with grilled rib eye steak. They were fluffy dough pockets stuffed with my favorites and per usual, no lettuce.

I cannot remember the name of the kid who was my 10th grade crush and now that I am reflecting, a boy who never talked to anyone and worked at Taco Bell was probably not the coolest. But he did have a job and a car which is more than I can say for some of the guys I dated after college. 


  1. Isn't is weird when you can't remember a name of a crush?! Those gorditas look bomb!

    1. the food at this place is just fantastic! I can barely remember what I ate for breakfast, so it is not too surprising that I forgot my high school crush

  2. Yumm I love tio pablo! I need to go back there! It's been so long!