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Friday, November 16, 2012

fat dragon

Photo from Fat Dragon's Facebook Page

It is not often that I can say this, but this week, I was a winner! And I don’t mean that I achieved something. What I mean is that I won two tickets to the Grand Opening preview party at Fat Dragon Chinese Kitchen and Bar (1200 N Boulevard).

Fat Dragon is the new restaurant from the owners of Blue Goat (see my post here and here), Osaka and Wild Ginger here in Richmond. They know how to throw a party. They invited all of Richmond’s foodie elite and then held a contest for people to win tickets. Clearly, I was a part of the latter, but one day, yes, one day, I will be part of that elite….a girl can dream….I digress.

The preview was a cocktail party and they specifically said “cocktail attire” on the invitation. This is quite unusual for Richmond, but I was thrilled to finally be able to wear one of my New York outfits in public and not just around the house.

What I Wore: I donned Siriano from head to toe and the toe part seemed to get most of the compliments. I wore a pair of my favorite Siriano heels from a couple of seasons ago. They are business in the front and party in the back and one of the most comfortable pairs I own, believe it or not. On top, I wore the lacy number that I scored from my brother's September fashion show. I was so happy that it still fits even after all the cupcakes I ate this week.

What I Ate: In true cocktail party style, there were passed hors d’oeuvres to showcase items from their appetizer menu. Things like Firecracker Shrimp, Spring Rolls with pork and shrimp and my absolute favorite, Pork Buns. I had never had a pork bun. It is basically a donut on the outside and pulled pork on the inside, sweet and savory and oh so dangerous. The waitress is lucky that she moved away quickly or I may have accosted her.

Photo from Fat Dragon's Facebook Page

What I Drank: Sex. You read that correctly. I drank Sex.

It is a small freaking world. Sex is a sparkling wine from L. Mawby, the winery that we visited with our friend Heidi on our Michigan trip this summer. Heidi’s boyfriend’s family owns that winery and she told us that the keg at Fat Dragon is the first one on the east coast. Oh, did I forget to mention that part? It is Champagne on tap!

It was not part of the complimentary drinks offered at the party, but I had no problem paying for Sex. (Sorry, I could not resist.) It was only $8 a glass. I guess I am a bargain shopper when it comes to Sex. (Ok, I’ll stop now.)


  1. This place looks good! I'll have to go just to have Sex...

  2. You are so lucky, I also entered that contest and I didn't win. But some friends of mine did. Since one of my friends liked it so much we had her bachelorette party there. It was quite fun and the food was good too. (you will see our pic on their Facebook page. What a small world.

    1. Trish, the world is smaller than you know! I was back at Fat Dragon this weekend. I think on the same night as your party. Can't believe we missed each other!