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Friday, February 3, 2012

blue goat

Ok, so I actually ate at the Blue Goat (5710 Grove Ave) in December, not recently, but I wanted to post about it here because I just want to and if you don’t like it, don’t read it.

This place made it tricky for me to rationalize away the calories I was ingesting, but I think that I managed to develop a solid story for myself. If you are eating something that you have never eaten before, your body doesn’t recognize the calories!

I ordered:
Fried Pigs Ear = fancy pork rinds with a fried eggs on top, yes!
Braised Goat = almost like beef (except it is goat) stew with creamy polenta
Charcuterie Board with Duck Prosciutto = should have ordered regular prosciutto, duck is a little greasy
 Au Pear Cocktail = Hangar One Spiced Pear, St. Germain, Prosecco and House Simple (ok, so I might have had a cocktail similar to this before, but not one prepared by the famous SteveMcKenna dressed like Santa)

There are so many more things on the menu that I have never eaten before, so I am sure once I build my courage back up I will be returning for another calorie free meal!

**Update: I was there last night for drinks and want to add that I love that their ladies room has a toilet that you have to pull the chain to flush and that they have anti-bacterial hand soap outside the restrooms so that you are never in a towel dilemma! Oh and their wines by the glass are delightful.

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