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Thursday, February 2, 2012

tarrant’s cafe

Have you been to Tarrant’s Cafe (1 West Broad St.)? I feel like I have been asked this by friends in almost every circle. Not because it is a new happening spot, or the most amazing famous chef, but because every Richmonder should go. 

We went and sat at the bar during happy hour. They have a whole happy hour appetizer menu that I remember being really impressed by, but I can’t really remember what was on it. I think the some kind of Bang Bang shrimp, half off pizzas, Bruschetta and other munchies. The draft selection was good and at a great price at happy hour, just $3.

We went again for dinner with friends that go all the time. Their menu reads like the New York Times, with an insanely broad range of menu items and pricing. You can go for pizza for 4 for around $17 (or have it delivered) or you can have a fine dining meal for much more than this.

We ended up just going apps because I was eating healthy that day, so I ordered tomato and mozzarella and a salad. Evan ordered the fried polenta. I had a few bites, but that didn’t count because I was just tasting, not actually eating.

I know that I have googled polenta before, but I am still never confident when someone asks me what polenta “actually” is. I just respond with “it tastes good fried”…but what doesn’t?

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