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Monday, November 26, 2012


This is not a picture of anything that I have actually eaten. It is from loves food loves to eat blog.
But doesn't it just look so good?

I have been having major blogger block. I mean really bad. Like, so bad that I have rewritten this opening sentence at least four times and this is the best that I have come up with, bad.

It is not from the lack of eating well. I have been to some kick ass restaurants lately. I’ve eaten so much food that my shoes are starting to get too tight. I am at the point that I have considered wearing a poncho and Ugg boots. It is that bad, people! It is not from lack of entertaining things happening in my life. Just the other day, I went to a restaurant with my family and my stepfather took off his shoe at the table. You can’t make that stuff up. And it is not from lack of time, because I have been spending plenty of time on my sofa catching up on the new season of Top Chef and Homeland, not to mention the extra day off for the holiday and the upped number of naps in my life.

I really have no reasonable reason why every time I sit down to write something witty and smart about the insanely good food that I have eaten, all that comes out is a bunch of nothing followed by a trip to the refrigerator for more leftovers.

All that I am able to give you today is a list of some incredible things that I have consumed in the past couple of weeks. Do with it what you will….

pork fries @ heritage
What is a pork fry, you ask? It is pulled pork that is formed into the shape of a mozzarella stick, rolled in something (I think bread crumbs, but don’t quote me) and fried until it is crispy. They come two to a plate served with bbq sauce. It is like a scientific experiment that went incredibly right.  

spicy mini dumplings @ osaka
The spicy garlic sauce that accompanied these dumplings was so delicious that I wanted to drink it instead of the cocktail I ordered, and that says a lot! They were filled with pork, steamed and swimming in a spicy garlic sauce that was so delicious that I poured it on everything else that I ordered the whole night. If I had a jar of it, I would be having it in my cereal.

spanikopita @ stella’s
 I feel like this is one of the healthiest things that I have eaten in weeks, simply because it has spinach in it. Forget about the flaky phyllo, salty feta and mounds of butter that they most likely use to bake with. These scrumptious little triangles are on my healthy foods list and I don’t want to hear anything else about it.

coconut shrimp @ the tobacco company
I have never been a shrimp lover. I don’t like touching them. They are freaky little things that I will never understand. That being said, when you batter them with coconut and fry them, I could would eat them like they are Doritos and I really really love Doritos. TC serves them with a chili mango sauce that I would like to slather on some French bread in the morning for breakfast.

Have you had anything so good, you needed to shout it from the roof tops? Share it in the comments, because roof tops are dangerous.…


  1. I'd like to take this moment to remind you that I am expecting gingerbread cupcakes next weekend. And beer. And you on my left side again so we can giggle and bat our eyelashes at one another. So you might want to start dieting now to make room for all of the food and libations that are going to occur.

  2. There will definitely be cupcakes and giggling and beer drinking going on is mass quantities! I am going to stop eating immediately in preparation...

  3. Ahhh those pork fries!!! Need.more. haha :) I'll have to give TC shrimp a try, kinda surprised and definitely curious!! Plus you had me a "mango chili sauce"....

    1. I am telling you, the coconut shrimp are worth a trip. We should plan a downtown happy hour!

  4. Ahhh you're reminding me I need to go to Stella's!!!