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Friday, October 26, 2012

Richmond Restaurant Week 2012

Photo from Bistro Bobette

I have been wearing loose fitting clothing all week in honor of Richmond Restaurant Week. I convinced myself that all calories consumed are null because I am eating in the name of charity. It works like a charm, even though I currently cannot button anything that I own.

In the grand scheme of things the money going to charity is nominal. It is $2.12 per every three course meal ordered at a price of $25.12. This is not a lot per person, but it does add up to a lot when over 30 restaurants are collecting all week long. Evan would prefer that we just write a check for $20 and eat a whole cake from Shindigz. The caloric intake and charitable contribution is about the same.

Because there are over 30 restaurants participating, it is just about impossible to narrow down where to go. I decided that I would only go to restaurants that start with the letter B to make the decision process easier. It might sound silly, but it has made for some excellent dining this week. It pretty much proves that I have genius problem solving skills and people should hire me to make their decisions for an hourly fee or a fee per decision based on what kind of decision they need help with.

I also decided to be clever and only drink Bubbly at every place (because that also starts with B). I got totally nerdy about it and switched it up by picking bubbles from a different region of the world at each restaurant. I might be over thinking it.

Here is where I have been:

Bistro Bobette (1209 E Cary St)

What I ate: Iceberg Salad, Marinated Beef Stew in red wine topped with mac and cheese (I don't know how anyone could order anything else), Honey Chocolate Mouse

What I drank: Cremant (French Sparkling Wine, not to be confused with Champagne, they are really sensitive about that, you know how the French can be)

Fun Fact: In the ladies room, they have pictures of the Chef when he was young, shirtless driving a boat. I really wanted to check the men’s room to see if they had topless pictures of the owner when she was young. Only fair, right?

Bistro 27 (27 W Broad St)

What I ate: Butternut Squash Spiced Soup with Gorgonzola Fritter, Moroccan Chicken Couscous with zuchinni and squash, Mini Cheesecake with mixed berries
What I drank: Prosecco (Italian Sparkling Wine)

Fun Fact: The first time I ever went to Bistro 27 I slipped on a spot on the floor and almost face planted in the dining room. We were seated at a table right next to this famous spot during our Restaurant Week dinner. Ah, memories….

Bonvenu (2915 W Cary Street)

What I ate: Smoked Salmon Scallopini over brown butter spaghetti squash with citrus butter, Braised Pork Roast with carrots, celery, onion and peach schnapps with mashed potatoes and peach thyme glaze, Chocolate Pate with fresh berries

What I drank: Cava (Spanish Sparkling Wine)

Fun Fact: The name “Bonvenu” translates to “welcome” in Esperanto. WTF is Esperanto, you ask? According to their website, it is a made up language blended from all the languages of Europe. I guess it is kind of like Pig Latin?

It is a good thing that I have committed to 30 days of spinning because as you can see, I have not been holding back and many a dessert has been licked off a plate, in the name of charitable giving, of course.


  1. just discovered your blog. love it! thank you for also letting me live vicariously through you for restaurant week since I've been out of town.

    1. thanks so much for reading! the week isn't over, but I am so incredibly full...

  2. you make me laugh.. j~

  3. That beef stew with mac and cheese looks ridiculously good... might just have to head over to try it!

    1. Laura, you will not be disappointed. It was fantastic!

  4. Ummmm that beef stew w mac n cheese. Just yea. Wow! We stopped in Rowlands for restaurant week, the cod cake and pumpkin flan were outstanding however the main dishes underwhelming as much as i hate to say it :/

    1. bummer! this mac and beef was really good, they have it all the time, not just during restaurant week, so put this place on your list!

  5. wow that look absolutely amazing! i need to get back into spinning too! The holidays always bring on the lbs!

    love from San Francisco,

    1. thanks, ladies! i am a spinning junkie these days, it is currently my fav way to work out, especially when I am binge-ing!

  6. Love your blog! For Restaurant Week some friends and I went to Acacia (my first time there.) It was on a Tuesday and it is also 1/2 price wine night so it was booked for our normal 6pm reservation we wanted and we did not get a reservation until 7:45pm. But it was well worth the wait. We didn't do anything as scientific as you with all things beginning with the letter 'B'. We ran the list in alphabetical order and stopped at the letter 'A'!

    What I ate: Surry sausage and sweet potato fritters — Creamy cheddar mustard sauce. I didn't know what a surry sausage was but it tasted good in the fritter.
    Local jumbo crabcake — Cheddar cheese grits, sauteed kale, bacon sauce. Oh My Goodness this was slap-your-mama good I didn't want to embarrass myself by licking the plate but it was soooo good. I didn't know I loved kale so much until I tasted it here.
    Apple cinnamon cake — Candied pecans, salted caramel ice cream.- Yummy goodness is all I can say.

    What I drank: Nothing as fancy as you but I tried the new cider beer made in Virginia - Bold Rock now I am on the hunt for it and cant find it. Maybe you will make a cupcake out of it. It has a crisp apple taste if you like cider.

    Fun Fact: Restaurant Week was founded by Acacia's very own Aline Reitzer when she found herself inundated with donation requests. Modeled after Restaurant Weeks in New York and other cities, Aline founded Richmond Restaurant.

    1. Trish, I LOVE this! That meal from Acacia sounds amazing. I know they do a pre-fixe pretty regularly. I need to make it there!