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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

flames 231

I got to meet a bunch of bloggers at the Virginia Bloggers meetup at the new restaurant Flames 231 (423 N 18th St) this weekend. Pizza AND bloggers! It was kind of a perfect day.

I am not just saying this because I am one, but Virginia bloggers are the nicest, cutest people on this earth. It is a community of seriously supportive folks. I heard the words "that is awesome" so many times and not one person complained about anything for a whole two hours. It was so damn refreshing I could hardly stand it.

Other than the outpouring of positive vibes, hanging with bloggers is not like your average get together. You have to get used to the cameras. It is kind of like hanging out with paparazzi, except that most of them are taking pictures of food, so they are more like pizza paparazzi.

With cameras flashing for most of the lunch, it got me thinking. I would be a terrible famous person. Here are my reasons why:

Reason number one, I am not photogenic even when I am trying. I was making a serious effort to eat my food as attractively as possible, while the cameras were flashing. This was no simple feat. I ordered a pizza with prosciutto, arugula and parmesan, so eating with my hands was not an option. I used my fork and knife to cut bite sized pieces so I would not show up in pictures looking like a one year old making a first attempt at eating birthday cake. This is the first picture that popped up online.

 Sure I don’t have food all over my face, but who are we kidding, 
this is not flattering. (I still love you Kaytee.)

The second reason that I would make a terrible famous person is that I am a groupie for famous people, especially bloggers and writers. I sat next to Brian from Dirty Richmond and Brian McDinosaur. He is probably one of the most famous Richmond bloggers there is. The kid was on a billboard for crying out loud! It was everything I could do to play it cool and not to ask him to autograph my pizza box.

Reason number three why I would not be good at being famous, I would much rather talk about what other people are doing then the projects I am working on. I get so inspired by listening to other bloggers talk about the exciting things that their blogs have lead them to do, like Sarah from The Smart Kitchen talking about her Nut Butter business and Sydney’s work as the Fashion Editor for Downtown Short Pump and Brian’s new job at Ledbury. Bloggers are so cool!

And the final reason that I would be a terrible famous person is I love pizza way too much. Famous people are under far too much scrutiny for what they eat and how they look. I would much rather eat my leftovers hunched over my laptop than on the red carpet. Plus, they probably don’t even let you have pizza on the carpet.


  1. hahaha I'm sorry I didn't even notice! but hey, with a big group like that.....there's a slim chance every person is going to be camera ready


    1. Kaytee, trust me, it is me, not you! this is how most pictures of me turn out even with the best intentions!

  2. You are so freaking hilarious and I would not make a good famous person either for the same reasons you listed. One time I bum-rushed Amos Lee when he was here at The National. Mind you I had also had my wisdom tooth removed that same day and my mouth was full of gauze and I had taken pain killer so I could enjoy the concert. He seemed happy to give me his autograph but all of my friends were laughing because they think he was giving me the,'bless her heart she is special'!

    1. Trish, this is added to a list of reasons why I adore you! I also love Amos Lee and would totally jump him, mouth full of gauze or not.

  3. Such a fun post! And for the record, I DID see a good photo of you - check out Kaytee's post: :) I've been loving reading your blog - the food reviews are great and you are seriousy funny! I went to the Indian Fest too and btw, it's totally what India is like.

    1. Sydney! It was really great to meet you, TC soul sister. Thank you so much for reading. I have been oogling your blog as well. It seems it is impossible for you to take a bad picture. On this subject we cannot relate. :)