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Monday, October 22, 2012


Photo Credit: Serious Eats

When I first heard of the new restaurant Toast (7007 Three Chopt Rd), I wasn’t sure if the name was referring to a piece of crispy bread or the act of clinking glasses in celebration. After hanging out there on Friday night, I will say it is most likely the latter.

They have wine on tap.  

I feel like I should pause here for a minute and let that one sink it.

Wine on tap, people!

If you google “wine on tap” you come across articles like “Is Wine on Tap a More Sustainable Drinkable Alternative?” This all sounds very educational, but after a quick scan I came across a sentence that read, “Kegs keep wine tasting like it should.”

That is all I really needed to know.

So in addition to saving the planet by reducing my empty wine bottle output I also really enjoyed drinking it, so much so that we had to leave our car in the parking lot to be retrieved the next day.

To give full disclosure, there is a side effect of drinking wine on tap. It may cause you to become very chatty. And when that happens you might starting looking to “make bar friends”.

I fully support this. You get the best stories by talking to randoms at the bar, but beware as it is completely a hit or miss situation. You could end up stuck talking to a total creep or a gem of hilarious tall tales. You just have to be willing to risk it.

We were really lucky that the crowd at Toast was friendly. In particular, we met another couple who were all about one of my favorite subjects, Richmond restaurants. It just goes to show, that getting really drunk at a local watering hole may not be the best way to meet your soul mate, but it definitely has potential for picking up couple friends. Hunter and Blaire, we hope to see you guys out again soon.


  1. this place is on my list! wine on tap ... umm yea. sold.
    did u by chance try any food there? have heard some mixed reviews so was curious.

    1. we ordered the guacamole, it was a little too acidic for my liking, but that is hardly representative...I would go back to try the food

  2. Thanks for the kind words Shannon. Blair and I look forward to meeting up with you guys again soon.