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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

roxy's cafe

By Friday of last week, Evan needed a break from restaurant week. He said it was costing him a fortune and that the pre-fixe menu situation is a scam. Sure, $25.12 for a three course meal sounds good, but we like to drink things other than water, so our final bill always ends up around $80.00 or more. After several days of bubbly and binge eating it starts to add up.

In addition to racking up dollar wise, changing out of work clothes into anything other than sweatpants on more than two nights in a row is not ideal in my world these days. I am in the middle of 30 days of spinning. That means I already have to pick out a work out outfit and a work outfit. When you add a date night outfit to the mix, I am just about at my limit of looking like a human.  

This is why when our neighbor invited us to Roxy’s Café for a pumpkin carving SPCA fundraiser, I was all for it. I put on flat shoes, tied my hair back and said let’s go.

Roxy’s Café (1104 W Main St) is a college bar near VCU. It could not be further from the places we had been going to all week. There are hand written signs for the drink specials, Natty Bo posters and you can bring your dog on their patio. It was just perfect.

Unfortunately, the pumpkin carving situation was kind of rained out, so we grabbed two seats at the bar and ordered some beers. Looking around it was clear that we brought the average age up a few years, but I was past the point of caring. I ordered the buffalo chicken quesadillas and Evan had the Philly cheese steak. It felt good to eat blatantly bad-for-you food and use a paper napkin.

Dining in Richmond is one of my favorite things to do, but sometimes you just need to eat food with your hands and drink a cold beer.

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