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Friday, September 7, 2012

on the rox

“This glass of water is totally satisfying, I would be too full to drink beer and eat a chicken salad panini”, said no one ever.

My decision making ability must be compromised due to the lack of caloric intake. That is the only reason that would explain why I chose to meet a friend at happy hour at On the Rox (119 N 18th St) in the middle of my cleanse. I might as well have gone to Krispy Kreme and told the kid behind the counter that I was just browsing.

A while back, when I wasn’t limited to drinking only water and eating only vegetables, I posted about the incredible chicken salad that I had at Rox. I am here to say that abstaining from this sandwich was a significant test of will power. In the face of evil deliciousness, I somehow managed to make it out alive, but don’t think I am happy about it.

I ordered the hummus.

It was like some sort of karmic punishment for a crime I am sure I did not commit. I sat there and watched my friend drink beer and eat the chicken salad panini of mention with duck fat fries as I dipped celery sticks in to mushed chickpeas.

Don’t get me wrong, their hummus is good, if you are in to that kind of thing. And, I do eat hummus if I am trying to impress my vegan friends at social gatherings. I do not order hummus at a bar because it can lead to some scary things. One of the most frightening of those being what happened to me after I ordered this particular hummus at the tail end of my dietary cleanse. I found myself uttering words that should have never made their way passed my lips, “Can I have some more celery?”

The Mayans may have it right. It may all be coming to an end.


 ***If you are sick of me complaining about how I can’t eat anything, not to worry. We are headed to NYC this weekend and after I squeeze myself in a dress for my brother’s runway show, I will be eating whatever food is in front of me. That is unless it is celery. That will never happen again.

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