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Thursday, August 30, 2012

{thirsty thursday} thai basil watermelon margaritas

Sometimes pinterest is more than just pretty pictures…sometimes pinterest leads to freakin’ amazing cocktails created by badass writers.
If I was a blogging groupie I would be throwing my panties on the stage for this one. Bob Vivant (who is a woman, btw) features great writing, amazing photography and beautiful recipes on her blog. I believe that is what they call a triple threat, or was that dancing, singing and acting. I can’t keep it straight, hence why I am not actually a very good groupie. Broadway…Blogging…I can barely keep them straight.
This recipe was created to commemorate Julia Child’s 100 birthday and was accompanied by a letter written to a women who has been inspiration to so many. My favorite part of the post is where she compares the cocktail to a quote from Julia, “It’s so beautifully arranged…you know someone’s fingers have been all over it.” When I make anything (which is a rarity) my hands are all over every ingredient. I used to think that was because of my lack of experience in the kitchen. I am so glad to know that is common in the most professional of kitchens that when you want things to look perfect, you are going to fuss over it.
Please, click over to for this cocktail recipe and many others. Cheers.


  1. Oh my gosh YUM! My bff is coming to visit this weekend. I'm totally adding this to our pinterest board! haha