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Thursday, August 23, 2012

{thirsty thursday} cherry moon

I don’t usually cocktail in the comfort of my own home. My drink of choice on the sofa is wine or beer, mostly because I am extremely lazy. I prefer to simply open the bottle and enjoy. And let’s face it most of the time I don’t even do that because I make Evan open things for me, so that he can feel manly.  

Every once in a while a drink comes along that is so simple that even I would consider twisting multiple caps and breaking out the ice cube tray.

I give you Cherry Moon. Recipe here.

I found this drink on from Intoxicology 101, a website that features recipes, beverage news and spirit reviews, via pinterest. They use Grey Goose Cherry Noir in their recipe, but I am sure you can substitute any cherry flavored vodka. A drink with only three ingredients, mixed and served, is something that even my lazy self can get down with. Cheers.

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