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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Photo Credit: San Diego Reader

Mekong (6004 W Broad St) is kind of like Coyote Ugly, but without the hot babes dancing on the bar serving shots of Jack Daniels while singing karaoke. Ok, so it is not like Coyote Ugly at all, but they do look at you funny if you try to order water. They don’t spray it in your face and shout, “Hell No H-2-0”, but they will sometimes just serve you another beer and pretend that is what you asked for. Once their spiky haired bartender told Evan, “Why you need cab number? We don’t get drunk here. We drink beer!” And we do, drink a lot of beer at Mekong. 

I posted my top 11 reasons why I love Mekong not too long ago. At least half of those reasons have to do with to beer. Their slogan is “Beer is the Answer”, and I have to agree. Having a bad day at work? Beer is the answer. Celebrating a big promotion? Beer is the answer. Can’t decide what to order for dinner? Beer is the answer. You get the point.

They must have 20 taps running with different beers every week and it is not uncommon to find a firkin sitting on the bar of a version of a limited release Hardywood beer or other exotic brew. With so many choices, you just have to try something different which is why I have never ordered the same beer twice.

No matter how many different beers I try, I am much less adventurous when it comes to their menu. I order the same entrĂ©e every single time. It could be because by the time we order food I am already drunk and I am not a very good drunk menu reader/decision maker. I always go in planning to try something new, but when that waiter comes with his notepad full of completely illegible scribbles, I always reply with, “Flat Rice Noodles with Chicken, please.” I don’t even attempt the actual name of the dish which is Pho xao ga.

One of their most popular non-beer items is Pho, a Vietnamese noodle soup. I have never had Pho, but I am sure that their Pho is very good. I have to admit that I use this dish as my way of telling if a person is exaggerating about being a Mekong regular. There have been a couple of times that I have asked an acquaintance if they have ever been. The response was something to the effect of, “Oh yeah, love that place, An is a good friend of mine. They serve great Pho.” Sorry dude, it is obvious that you are just trying to be cool and impress me. If you were really a regular at Mekong you would know, Beer is the answer.


  1. Love the comment about the cab! Love your blog. Keep up the good work and yes, Beer is the Answer!

    1. Thanks, Rhonda! I am sure you know exactly the guy that made the cab comment. Those guys crack me up!