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Friday, March 30, 2012


I visited Mekong (6004 W Broad St) for the first time when my husband and I were trying to decide if we were going to quit our jobs and move back to Richmond. I would be lying if I said Mekong made me move back. But the truth is, having a great time there with great friends was definitely a check in the pros column. And here we are now!

Here are my top 11 reasons why I love Mekong :

1.  Beer is the Answer – Other places may have a selection that can compare, but there is no where that you will have as amazing a beer experience (period). The draft lists changes weekly (or even more often) and there are always new things to try.

2. You never know what your bill will be. If the owner is serving you, he might charge you for half of what you order. You can sample as many beers as you like for free and it is always a mystery to decipher the check of scribbles as you walk up to the pay station after eating a major meal. Bring cash if you have a group. It is easier.

3. Tasting the beers is part of the experience. If you don’t know what to order, tell the bartender what kinds of beers you like and they will tell you what you should be drinking.

4. Mekong knows how to throw a party! They have beer events throughout the year including special tapping of unique beers and a week-long Anniversary celebration with different beers to try every night.

5. An, the owner, has a presence that lights up the room. I do not have a personal relationship with him like many many Mekong regulars, but when he is in the house, I enjoy watching him work and interacting with him. He is a happy and passionate guy. Who wouldn’t want to be around that?

6. They will accommodate even your largest of parties. We have been here for a birthday party for 30, a get together of 12 and dinner for 2. Not many places in Richmond can handle big groups. Not only can Mekong handle them, but they seem to be an area of expertise.

7. I almost always see someone I know here. I have many friends in the beer loving community of Richmond and you can almost guarantee you will find at least one of them at Mekong on any given night of the week.

8. Community is exactly the word I would use for the people who regularly visit Mekong. Groups of good friends and family gatherings are what make up most of the diners at this place. A sense of togetherness that is impossible to create on purpose. It just happens.

9. The food is oh soooo good. When we have leftovers the fridge smells like Mekong and that is a very good thing.

10. Your vegetarian friends can always find something they love. With a menu offering as broad as theirs, even your eaters with restrictions can find something they will love.

11. They have a parking lot. This is a big bonus for Richmond restaurants. If you drink too much, you can leave your car here and not worry about it getting towed. (We have had to utilize this lot on a number of occasions. See #s 1-4)
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