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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

level small plates lounge – annapolis

A visit to Annapolis is not complete without cocktails downtown. Even though I was there for less than 24 hours, I managed to get to a bar with friends for a couple beverages this weekend.

Level Small Plates Lounge (69 West St) is the ONLY place in Annapolis that does small plates and craft cocktails. I have no idea why no one else has jumped on board with this trend, but as of now, this is the place.

I was so happy to have drinks with my friend and hair stylist, Jamie and her body builder boyfriend, Devin. They are totally a hoot and when I am with them I never have to wait for a drink. Devin is one of those high protein kind of guys. He ordered 4 orders of Beef Satay and one order Lamb Osso Bucco, for himself. Get a mental picture of what our table looked like…

I didn’t have any food because I had just eaten an entire large popcorn at the movies, but even though I was full, I never say no to a cocktail…or two.

For my first drink, I had a Smoky Margarita. It was very very smoky.

For my second beverage, I went back to a drink I have had and enjoyed before, their Baked Apple Pisco Sour.

Right as my second drink got there, so did my brother and his friend Chuck. That is when the bachelorettes, the birthday boy and the Chef all came up to take their picture with him. He is always such a good sport. He is nice and talks with every single fan. I am so glad that I am not famous because I would totally be a diva. Especially, if people bother me while I am cocktailing.

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