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Thursday, March 22, 2012

continental westhampton

I figured out a way to get a table at the new ContinentalWesthampton (5704 Grove Ave)! Go early, on a Tuesday and hold your breath and cross your fingers. This place is bumpin’! People are coming out of the woodwork to try the newest of the Giavos restaurants (they also own and operate Kitchen 64, Stella’s Three Monkeys and Kuba Kuba). Continental did not disappoint.

By a stroke of luck…or maybe it was fate, we got a two-seater on the patio. I had read over their menu online at least 5 times and thought I had my whole plan of attack, but once you get there an start seeing plates go by, that is all out the window.

Evan ordered a Schlitz bottle for $2.25 and I tried to replicate my drink from the other night at Palani Drive, but all they had was Cherry Flavored Vodka and soda water which was good, but not quite the same.

You probably are more interested in reading about the food. We went all apps this go around. We even said to the waitress, “We are appin’ it up.” My goodness, we are corny.

We split the Kielbasa Corndogs, 3 Little Lamb Sliders and the Lobster Hush Puppies. By far our favorite was the Lobster Hush Puppies. I love a hush puppy to start, add hunks of lobster and their Green Goddess dipping sauce and I am in heaven.

I am definitely up for another visit soon, but how do you decide between a Pancake Sandwich, a Lobster Roll, the Chicken Parmesan Hot Plate Special and the Starving Student spaghetti and meat sauce for just $8.50? It is going to be a tough call, but hopefully the stars will align for me once again and I will get a highly coveted booth seat.

Photo credit - @zellicious (Don't you love this photo?)

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