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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

palani drive

We have been spending some time in the Libbie/Grove area these days. Mostly because the weather has been so nice that we can walk there. It is about a mile from the homestead, so I don’t feel quite as guilty ordering what I really want on the menu.

On a recent excursion, we ended up at Palani Drive (401 Libbie Ave). I always thought it was a take-out wrap kind of place, which they kind of are, but they also have a full bar and menu of things more appealing (to me) than just wraps.
I discovered my new favorite (never going to find it anywhere else) cocktail of the summer.

It was a great recommendation from the bartender, totally simple and completely refreshing. Lucky for me no one in Richmond except for this place is going to regularly have Pear Flavored Vodka…

Evan and I shared the Chips and Salsa and loved the salsa so much that we asked for a second round. The only other place we do that is Plaza Azteca when they bring cart of table side guacamole. We also shared the Tuscan Quesadillas with grilled chicken, pesto, parmesan and monterey jack cheese. I could actually go for another one of these as I type this. I might have to stop by there again tonight.

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