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Friday, August 24, 2012

{craving} eggs benedict

Photo by Patrick Hannan
Bring on the hollandaise!! It is time for some weekend action!!! I am really excited for the weekend. Can you tell?

One of my favorite things about the weekend, other than sleeping in and day drinking is the the best meal ever invented, BRUNCH. Can you believe that for the first 28 years of my life I did not like brunch? Crazy, right?

For that short little period of time (that I sometimes refer to as my whole freaking life!) I thought that I did not like eggs. Because of that little confusion about the goodness of the brunch staple, I always ordered a sandwich, so technically I was still just having lunch, so it wasn’t that exciting. Well folks, I am all grown up and have come to realize that eggs are good and even better when covered in hollandaise sauce. 

There are a ton of restaurants in Richmond who serve a great brunch and a great plate of Eggs Benedict, all with their own personal twist on the classic. Here is a quick list of some plates that I can recommend:
Bistro 27 – Eggs Benedict with Spinach and Tomato
Kitchen 64 – Smoked Salmon Bennie with spinach, scallions and capers
LuLu’s – LuLu’s Benedict with Country Ham
Mint – Biscuit Benedict with Mustard Hollandaise (on a biscuit, people, this is no joke)
Stella's – Stella’s Crab Benedict with jumbo lump and sundried tomato hollandaise
The Tobacco Company – Chesapeake Eggs Benedict with jumbo lump crab meat

So far, I think I the best Eggs Benedict I ever had was served on a croissant with prosciutto, but really how can you go wrong with a perfectly poached egg and creamy hollandaise? I am sure there are a million more places in that serve a great plate of eggs, so feel free to list your favorites in the comments.

I will leave you with this question (that has nothing to do with eggs, but everything to do with brunch)…What is your brunch beverage of choice, Mimosa or Bloody Mary?


  1. Eggs Benedict is my favorite thing to order out!

    Brunch beverage; I'd go with Mimosa. I like bloody mary's, but I'm too picky and most places disappoint me when I order them.

    1. Mimosas would be my pick as well. I am definitely going to have one with my eggs tomorrow! Have a great weekend!

  2. After the amazing brunch we had at Stella's I've always told everyone to go to Stella's! Someone today told me they took my advice and went there this morning and they had that crab thing and loved it!! :)

    1. I absolutely LOVE Stella's. They are in my top 5 Richmond restaurants, for sure.

  3. I dont like eggs but have always envied the anyone who ordered an Eggs Benedict because they look so delicious. Maybe when I am feeling more adventuresous I will try it one day. But my brunch drink of choice is a Peach Bellini yummm and second is the Mimosa.

    1. I understand about the egg thing, it took me literally 28 years to build up the courage to try them. Peach Bellini!! Yes!!

  4. You ARE crazy for not loving brunch earlier in life!!! Best meal of the week!

    I wish I loved Eggs Benedict, but I'm afraid of poached eggs. My beverage of choice is normally just a boring cup of coffee, but I do love a good mimosa.

    I'm counting down to my move to RVA. Blogger brunch date as soon as I'm settled?

    1. I know right?!!? Surprisingly poached eggs were the first ones I tried when I made the decision that I was going to like them. Absolutely, brunch date when you move to town!!!