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Monday, August 27, 2012

mexican café – annapolis

My three year old nephew is at the stage where he repeats everything he hears. My seven year old niece is at the stage where she makes very observant statements that are sometimes not very polite. This made dinner at The Mexican Café (609 Melvin Ave, Annapolis) very entertaining.

There were seven of us, so we had a little wait for our table and waiting for a table with a three year old is awesome. This particular three year old had won a plastic pirate sword a few hours earlier at the neighborhood jamboree. Do you know what a three year old does with a plastic sword? They hit things with it, and by things I mean people including their sister, mother, grandfather, hostess, waitress and anyone else that walks by. All while exclaiming, “hot poop!” (My bets are on my step-father for that one.)

Not two seconds after my butt hit the seat, I put in my order. Margarita, rocks, salt, stat.

We placed our food order and needed a distraction for the kiddos. My niece loves to play games on my iphone, but if I don’t watch her she starts going through my pictures and then the conversation goes something like this:

Her: Why do you have so many pictures of drinks on here?
Me: None of your business, iphone privileges revoked

I managed to suck down half of my margarita that tasted more like dishwater than tequila, when mom came to the rescue with a better distraction, etch-a-sketch pads that you could write on with a stylus. The three year old could scribble and my niece and I could play hangman. She put her dashes down and was pretty confident that she stumped me with her word selection. I started guessing letters and ended up with a full hangman, eyes, eyelashes, a nose and a mouth. Turns out, the phrase was “Love You To”.

When I didn’t get it, my helpful husband announced, “I can’t believe you didn’t guess that.” to which my niece exclaimed, “Really. Your brain isn’t working right!” Only to be echoed with giggles from the little guy, “Yeah, your bwain isn’t workin wight!”

If you think it is bad now, wait until this next margarita glass is empty. And my mother wonders why we aren’t in a rush to reproduce.

*All joking aside, I love spending time with my family and these kids and really good kids. Mel, if you are reading this, hot poop, to you, too. I love you guys.