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Monday, July 30, 2012

taco tuesday

I love a good restaurant special and there is nothing like an alliteration to get you in the mood to eat. Thank goodness that tacos and Tuesdays both start with the letter T, because Monday and mutton is just not driving the crowds like it should.

If you ask a person who regularly tacos on Tuesdays it is funny how passionate people are about their spot. They would never "cheat on" the place that they go for cheap tacos. It really isn't so much about the meal as it is about the Cheers feeling you get when you go to the same place on a specific night. I like that. In a town that can sometimes take food too seriously, it is refreshing to just have a good time at your favorite hang out and eat some stuff in a toritlla shell.

My regular taco spot had previously been Curbside, not becuase their tacos are so good, but just because. A couple weeks ago, we strayed from our regular to Taco Tuesday at Sidewalk Café (2101 W Main St). I have to say, I think their offering is superior to some of the other taco deals in town. After having tacos at Sidewalk, I might even venture so far as to say that their tacos are better than some others I have had NOT on special at some pretty popular taco spots.

Sidewalk serves more than just your left over ground beef in a grocery store shell. They have chicken, beef, shrimp and fish tacos. I stick to chicken or beef, but Evan was all over the shrimp taco. Wash it down with a Hardywood Singel and you have yourself a damn fine Tuesday night dinner for well under $10 per person and no messy pan to clean up afterwards.

I have not been to every place on the list to follow, so I cannot vouch for them all, but here are a few places that I know have a taco special on Tuesdays in case you are hungry and broke (which let’s face it, most of us are).

Sidewalk Café (2101 W Main St) $1.50-$2.00 tacos

Curbside Café (2525 Hanover Ave) 3 tacos for$2, 5pm-9pm

Baja Bean Co. (1520 W Main St) $1 tacos all night

Cha Chas Cantina (1419 E Cary St) $2 off tacos all night

Banditos Burrito Lounge (2905 Patterson Ave) $1 tacos until 7pm

Am I totally converted to Sidewalk Taco Tuesday for life? I can't say for sure. I like to keep my options open, but it is going to be a tough call. Sometimes I just don't know how I make it through the week.

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