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Saturday, July 28, 2012

olympics and hangovers

Who watched the Opening Ceremonies last night? I assume many of you since something like a billion people watched. I saw some of it, but I was at The Republic drinking Pinot Noir, so I wasn't totally paying attention. To be perfectly honest, I couldn’t tell if we were watching the ceremonies or commercials at some points. I was pretty distracted.

Here is what I did manage to see:

  • David Beckham driving a speed boat with a smirk on his face. Was it a little cheesy? Yes, but it is David Beckham, so as long as he is in a great suit (or his underwear) I am happy.
  • Olympians with their phones taking video of the crowd and pictures of each other during their walk into the stadium. Did that happen at the last games? Does anyone else think that is weird?
  • Choreographed unison air guitar. Love it. Always.
  • Two Olympians that went to my high school! (Ok, I didn’t actually spot them in the crowd fo over 500 competitors, but I know there were there.) Crazy, right? What are the chances? Look out for Matthew Centrowitz Jr. (who I used to babysit) running the 1500 and Farrah Hall wind surfing.

So, what is the hangover part? Well, you have to toast to America when the United States athletes makes there entrance. And there is nothing more American than a shot of Jack Daniels. Cheers!

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  1. I did watch the opening ceremony, and it was rather cheesy at parts; but still fun! Who doesn't love Mr. Beckham... just perfection, no matter what he's doing! I loved the US Ralph Lauren outfits; crazy the backlash after people found out they were made in China instead of here in America!

    1. I also loved the outfits and think that everyone needs to relax. The televisions they are watching the Olympics on are all made it China anyway.