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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

really, a raw bar?

If you are following Richmond food news, you may have read here or here that deLux Diner and Lounge is closed. The Richmond Restaurant Group issued a statement saying that they will be opening another restaurant in the same space in the fall, and according to they are working to open a raw bar.

I immediately thought of the Sex & the City episode where Samantha beats out all the other ladies in the place that only serves raw food and takes home the smoking hot server that we all come to know and love, Smith Jared.

My guess is that the raw bar going in the deLux space is not going to be quite like the one in that episode, but wouldn't that be a hoot?

Most likely it is another seafood concept similar to Water Grill and Hard Shell, the other members of the Richmond Restaurant Group family, serving raw oysters, clams and mussels with a lobster special of some sort. Perhaps Ceviche Saturdays?

The concept of raw seafood must be in demand considering that Rappahannock River Oysters is also looking to open a restaurant in town and Richmond staples like Can Can Brasserie and Old Original Bookbinders have been serving raw bar items for years.

That got me thinking, how do I feel about a restaurant that is conceptualized around the idea of a raw bar? To be honest, I am not overly excited about it. It doesn't help that a review over at just totally slammed Water Grill for serving bummer oysters.

What are your thoughts? Do you like it raw?


  1. Not sad to see DeLux go; I think a raw bar is interesting for Richmond, I don't really know of any others in our area. I do love some good oysters on the half shell, and the Chesapeake provides great oysters for our area! Love that episode of Sex and the City, btw...

    1. My husband LOVESSS oysters, so we will end up checking it out for sure.

  2. Raw done right is amazing! I have asked for a raw bar for years in rva and finally I hope it is coming true. When visiting New York I always sit down at several sampling oysters from all over the continent.

    It really is in my opinion clean eating if that makes since.

    Raw bars done wrong are a disaster as you mentioned above and I can also name a few others that claim to have a raw bar but never give the proper training to the person shucking shell fish. This in and of itself is most important to the success of any raw bar.

    OK, I ranted. Nice post and hope to slurp back a few with your husband when the time comes. As the french poet said eating oysters raw is like kissing the ocean on the lips.

    1. Seriously, Tim, I live for your rants! Agree that a raw bar done right and one done terribly wrong are very different things. I did grow up in Annapolis, MD. We will just have to wait and see...