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Saturday, August 4, 2012

five things

1. Bubbly

Champagne, Prosecco, Cava or Sparkling wine, I am a fan of them all. We bought a 5 bottles at L.Mawby on our Michigan vacation and I am working my way through it. Do you know what pairs well with bubbles?


I learned a very handy fact about my favorite beverage in the recent issue of Glamour. A glass of Champagne has only 85 calories as compared to a glass of wine that is over 100. It’s like drinking diet wine! Photo credit.

2. Wavy Hair

My hair is way too long for my liking, but I can’t get an appt until August 25th. I still drive to my home town to get my hair done and will continue to do so unless I can convince my girl to move to Richmond. In the mean time, I am trying wavy styles. Photo. Photo.

3. Beer Cupcakes

I am on a mission to bake the perfect beer cupcakes and the only way to get better is practice, practice, practice. Luckily, my coworkers don’t mind my daily cupcake offering and aren’t afraid to give me their real opinions. So far the favorite has been Hardywood Strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese butter cream frosting and blueberries on top. A close second are the chocolate Guinness with butter cream. Third place goes to the Legend Brown cupcake with brown sugar butter cream. And last place is the Flying Dog, Raging Bitch I.P.A. cupcake with an attempt at peach butter cream frosting. The cupcakes turn out every time, I need to work on my frosting recipes and skills.

4. Pimento Cheese

My failed attempt at peach butter cream turned out looking more like pimento cheese. Well, that got me craving, you guessed it, pimento cheese! So, we ended up at Pasture (again) for some cheese and ritz crackers because they are something like $2 at happy hour. And wouldn’t you know it they were running a special on bubbles for $3 per glass. I must have done something right to have that kind of karma. Photo credit.

*Side note: If you are in to pimento cheese, this girl made a documentary about it.

5. New York City

I am typing this post from the train on my way to the Big Apple! I am headed to my first ever blogging conference, BlogHer12. The timing couldn’t be better because my little brother just opened his store in Soho and I am so excited to see it in person. I hope to get to some of NYC’s eateries while I am in town, so expect some NYC posts next week. Enjoy the weekend!

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