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Sunday, June 17, 2012 uncorked

Last year for Uncorked, it was 100 degrees and so god awful hot that we had to take breaks from wine tasting to sit in the car with the AC cranked. We ended up giving up after tasting through half of the booths.

This year, the weather was perfect, so we decided to make a day of it.

And that turned in to an absolute show.

We rode our bikes and had the best intentions of keeping things under control. We purchased our tickets and made it to the first couple booths with inquiring minds and palettes. We hit Lazy Days, First Colony and AmRhein’s all while keeping track of our favorites at each booth.

And then we bellied up to the tasting set up at Horton Vineyards. They were pouring 21 wines and we decided to go for it and try them all. That is when things started getting blurry.

I do remember stepping in gum, having a taco from Boka and buying two glasses of rosé from First Colony because I couldn’t wait in the tasting lines any longer. I barely remember, Evan buying more rosé and drinking it out of the bottle, drunken stumbling my bike home because I could not get on it to save my life and having to beg to use the bathroom at Stella’s on the way. And I woke up with a broken pair of sunglasses, a scraped knee and a killer sun burn.

Yes, it was a fantastic Saturday!


  1. I'm so sad that I didn't KNOW about this!!! I heard it was a lot of fun!!! Hahaha your ending to the night sounds kind of hilarious ;)

    1. It is a fun event, but the key it to go early. Once it gets too crowded, waiting for a tasting gets to be too much. :)

  2. You did have a great time, didn't ya!

    1. A blast! And thankfully, my husband is handy and fixed my sunglasses :)