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Friday, June 15, 2012

lemon drop cupcake - charlottesville

This little cupcake has been the talk of my “office” for the past week. Our Executive Chef’s wife is very very pregnant. She was due to deliver early this week, but at her last check up the baby was already 8 pounds. 

The doctor told it could be any day.  She has been trying all kinds of tricks to go in to labor, going on long walks and even drinking castor oil. When you are desperate, you are desperate.

So what does this have to do with a Lemon Drop cupcake? This little baby from Cappellino's Crazy Cakes in Charlottesville has been known to send overdue mamas into labor! Not one, not two, but 19 mothers have reported that this little sweet started their contractions within 30 minutes! And that was according to this report published in March of last year.

It just so happens that Evan is commuting to Charlottesville this week for work. So we sent him on a mission, a mission for cupcakes.  (I also put in a request for a couple extras in a chocolate variety for myself.)

Tuesday evening, she ate the cupcake. 

I was waiting for my text message to chime, but heard nothing. The next day, we waited to see if he would show up for work, and he did. Bummer!

She did start having contractions one hour after eating the cupcake, but they subsided and we are still awaiting patiently the arrival of a baby Chef. 

Another road trip may be in order. “Two, lemon drop cupcakes, please!”

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Update!!! A few minutes after I posted this, Chef called to tell us that his wife had their baby. A healthy baby girl!

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