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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

{craving} pulled pork

I must be feeling particularly carnivorous because a heaping plate of pulled pork is on my mind.

Pulled pork is a perfectly versatile protein. Put it on a slider, in a taco, on a pizza or eat it on its own. You almost can’t go wrong.  And there are plenty of places in the city that serve up phenomenal pulled pork.

Here is a quick list of some of my favorites:

Tacos: Don’t Look Back for pulled pork tacos on a corn tortilla served gringo style or spicy pulled pork tacos from Tio Pablo (that I had for the first time at Broad Appetit).

Sliders: Mansion Five 26 serves up pulled pork sliders (pictured) with "Mansion" sauce that are devine and The Tobacco Company serves Virginia Barbecue Bruschetta, pulled pork on crostini with jicama slaw. 

Barbecue: Q Barbecue pulled pork with a couple hush puppies and topped with slaw, yes, thank you.

What spots have I missed that are your favorites for pulled pork?


  1. I LOVE don't look back! (But for their veggie tacos, haha)

    Hey, did you get the address for the blogger meet up on Sunday? Shoot me an e-mail, or a tweet (@iheartveggies) and I'll DM you with the details!

    1. I went to Don't Look Back this week and ordered the TVP per your rec. It was so good! (post going up tomorrow)

      I did not get an email for Sunday. Will message you today!