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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

broad appetit

We went to Broad Appetit with a plan. We were going ride our bikes the 8 miles (there and back) to burn some calories, get there before the start of the event, get a coffee at Lift Coffee Shop, do a lap to check out who was where and then share every plate so that we got to taste tons of food. We stuck to this plan and boy, did it pay off. We spent 5 ½ hours eating and walking and eating some more. And then when I literally thought I was going to explode if I put one more bite in my mouth, we got on our bikes and pedaled ourselves home.

We liked every single thing we tasted.

My favorites were the mozzarella ice cream served with cherry tomato and oil drizzle from The Magpie and the Moroccan lamb meatball with rice from Bistro 27. I also thought that the scallop with charred corn and bacon (which won the top honor) from Chef Johnny of Spoon was perfectly cooked and very very good.

Evan agreed that the meatball from Bistro was in his top picks. He also loved the smoked s’mores ice cream from The Empress.

Here is our full list of eats: braised short rib wrap from Olio, fried green tomatoes from Comfort, taco from Tio Pablo, watermelonade and Moroccan lamb meatball from Bistro 27, mozzarella ice cream from The Magpie, scallop from Spoon, scallion pancake with Korean barbecue and rice noodles from Ginkgo, smoked s’mores ice cream from The Empress and coffee braised beef from J. Sargent Reynolds, bruschetta from C’est Le Vin.

Part of the fun of Broad Appetit is running into friends and comparing notes of what we ate. I am looking forward to planning dinner dates to a long list of the restaurants that really brought their A-game.