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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

{spaces} the dandelion, philadelphia

During my college days in Philly, I spent most of my dining dollars eating from various food trucks and bagel shacks. Only on a special occasion (i.e. when someone else was paying) would we make plans to visit a Stephen Starr restaurant like The Continental, Budhakan or POD. The Starr restaurant empire has grown since my college days with new eateries including The Dandelion (Philadelphia, PA).

The Dandelion has an English Pub motif. The bar area has a feeling of a library with elaborate décor, dark woods and rich color palette. I imagine that a beer tastes better on a plaid barstool or in a large leather chair, don’t you?

I love the collection of knick knacks on the shelves on the walls. It took me a couple looks to realize that they are all dog figurines and photos. Who knew that doggie décor could mix with a restaurant?

Each of Stephen Starr’s restaurants has an identity that starts with the design of the space and translates through the menu to the service. The design of The Dandelion space is perfect for what I think of when I hear the word “gastropub”.

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