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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

bellytimber tavern

What kind of place would you call Bellytimber Tavern (1401 Main St)? They always have a game on tv, but it is not a sports bar. It is directly on the VCU Campus, but I wouldn’t call it a college bar. I guess technically it is in The Fan, but I wouldn’t really consider it a “Fan” bar.

I guess none of that really matters because I like going there to eat crab legs and it is definitely not a seafood restaurant.

On my recent visit with friends, we were looking for a place with a good draft list that we hadn’t been in a while and Bellytimber was it. I had the Bell’s Two Hearted Ale (which is kind of my thing these past few weeks), a ½ pound of crab legs and I mooched some leftover pizza.

The last time I was there I split the Duck Pie (pizza), duck confit, hoisin, cheddar, red onion and cilantro. I remember it being really good, but kind of greasy (because of the cheddar and the duck, obviously). 

The pizza I mooched this time was the Arugula Prosciutto Pie, with olive oil, herbs, caramelized red onion, fontina, arugula and tomato (mushrooms instead of prosciutto). It was really really good and not greasy at all.

So if I had to categorize this restaurant, I would say it is a gourmet pizza joint that serves crab legs and a good beer list. Fair?
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