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Monday, May 7, 2012

the continental

After a day of wine drinking at Saude Creek Winery, I was in the mood for a cocktail! It was Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby was running, so to not cocktail would be some kind of sin.

The Continental (5704 Grove Ave) was not as crowded as I thought it would be. Typically, there is a line of preppy-dressed patrons down the sidewalk for this place. There was a handful of guys in pink shirts and some teenage girls who brought their own Starbucks and cupcakes, but I imagine most of the neighborhood crowd were waiting in lines to have tacos and guacamole.

But lucky for us, we got a spot on the patio and immediately went for the cocktail list. They had the absolute perfect cocktail for the occasion.

It came with a salted rim in a mason jar. The perfect mix of a margarita style drink served in Southern glassware. It was like it was fate or something. Oh, and it was delicious, too, not too sweet with a little kick on the finish. Kind of like my day on Saturday.

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