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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I wish that I could charge a finders fee for my services. I have found Evan’s new favorite restaurant in Richmond.

I heard about Lunch. (1213 Summit Ave) through the grapevine and looked up their menu online (which was no easy feat). You can’t exactly google “Lunch Restaurant Richmond” and find what you need to know. Luckily, they are listed on Urbanspoon.

I immediately knew that he would love this place when I read the menu description of the “Loaded Chicken” dinner entrée. It is chicken, stuffed with pulled pork, wrapped in bacon topped with cheddar cheese and barbeque sauce and served with mashed potatoes. That is a little much for me, but when I texted it to Evan, he responded immediately with
“sounds awesome!”

Even though we went for dinner, I was still recovering from the night before and was not really in the mood for drinks. We were seated right before happy hour ended and Miller Lite drafts were only $1.50. That is cheaper than a soda, so I had to man up and get one. (It’s Miller Lite, so it is kind of like drinking beer flavored soda, anyway.)

Evan immediately ordered the Loaded Chicken. I had the Southern Griddle Cakes which was basically pulled pork on top of pancakes with coleslaw. Both were really good.

Since our first visit, Evan has been back for lunch, twice and for beers after work with his coworkers, all in less than a week’s time. It is safe to say he really likes it.

If I was to charge a finders fee for locating people’s favorite restaurants, it would be the price of a meal at said restaurant. In the case of Lunch. that would be about $10 ($11.50 if you add the Miller Lite).
Lunch. on Urbanspoon


  1. You have to try their brunch!!

  2. brunch is definitely on the list, thanks for the rec!