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Thursday, May 24, 2012

cous cous

Last weekend some beautiful dancers performed at the Grace Street Theater and afterwards, we celebrated at Cous Cous (900 W Franklin St). And celebrate we did!

When I eat with my dancer friends, I feel like I should eat healthy, so I ordered the Wilted Spinach, which was very good. It was just warmed spinach that slightly wilted with pine nuts, apples and currants.

Then I cancelled it out with the Manchego Fritters.

And then I triple cancelled that out with the multiple cocktails.

I think I had 5, but it could have been 4 or 6. I lost track. It was THAT kind of celebration.

The next morning, I wished that I had eaten Curry Platas (fries) and some Kebabs. I would have probably been in a better shape. I hope that the next time I go to Cous Cous I will remember that.

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  1. I love cous cous! they have some kind of spiced fry type thing that is so good!!

    1. I hadn't been in quite a while, but their small plates menu is full of things that I love.