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Monday, May 28, 2012

mexico (mexican restaurant)

I wanted to post of my adventure at Mexico when I read this tweet by @RVALunchSpecial.

Once again, I realized that I am so not in the loop in the RVA food scene. Then I remembered that this blog was supposed to be a diary of my eating adventures, not reviews of places that I think I should be eating and I pulled it together.

Taco Monday is a tradition that my yoga partner does after class with her husband every Monday.  This particular week, I could not bring myself to downward dog and asked if we could just taco instead. To my surprise and excitement she agreed, so we double dated to Mexican Restaurant.

As she walked in the door, she took one look at me and said, “Oh thank goodness you don’t look good.” Literally, those were the words out of her mouth. Then she scrambled to cover by saying, “I thought you would be in your work clothes and am glad you are casual.” The Radio Rubber Room t-shirt I was wearing is pretty far from my normal attire, but I promised the guy who gave it to me for free that I would wear it, so why not to tacos? I wasn’t offended which proves that she is a great friend.

We were seated in a big booth and I could tell that our dining partners felt out of place. They eat there every Monday and sit on the other side of the restaurant with a server that they know that knows their order. This was a new server who carded us and was not the welcoming guy that respected their Taco Monday tenure.

Tacos and beers all around were ordered, bean for the vegetarian, beef for me and a mix for the boys. As the plates arrived our friends started smashing their tacos with forks. I asked what the heck they were doing and they told me that a hippie had once turned his plate of tacos into a “taco salad” and said it was better that way. They have been eating their crumbled tacos topped with guac and sour cream that way ever since.

A tab for 5 people was $35 before tip and we learned something new about how to take advantage of taco deals. Mexico, the country, may be better than this place, but dinner with good friends can be good no matter where you are, even if they do tell you, you look awful.

*After a search online, I realized the restaurant that I thought was Mexico is actually Mexican Restaurant (6406 Horsepen Rd) and I was a little confused. I have a feeling like this was part of the chain at one time, but is maybe now on its own. It is really hard to tell.

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