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Thursday, April 5, 2012

superstars pizza

Ever since I found these instructions on how to roast garlic in the toaster oven, I have been roasting whole heads of garlic like it was my job. With lots of whole cloves of roasted garlic lying around, I am on the lookout for other ways to eat it (other than just popping in my mouth and then breathing on my husband for fun).

Superstars Pizza (5700 Patterson Ave) is the perfect way to get rid of some garlic cloves and whatever other random veggies (or other edible things) are lying around. Superstars is a take-and-bake pizza place just down the road from my house. They can fully load your pizza with toppings at their location if you want full service, but they are also a great place to get an oven ready pizza with the basics if you prefer to load your own.

We got a 12 inch pizza with mozzarella, red sauce and sliced tomatoes for $10. We took it home and used it as a base to clean out our fridge, a little spinach, an obscene amount of roasted garlic, you get the idea. It cooked in 12 minutes and dinner was served.

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